What we do

Whether you require complex business accounting, comprehensive financial planning, or sophisticated investment advice, Applied Wealth brings bespoke guidance and realistic results. Our North Sydney team goes beyond the numbers to develop a rapport through professional service, transparency and strategies tailored to what matters most to you.

Our approach

At Applied Wealth, we take a goals-first approach to our clients financial clarity and vision. Our experienced North Sydney advisors focus on understanding your priorities intimately before all else. We then design your comprehensive accounting, investment, and wealth growth strategies personalised to effectively enable your confidence and aspirations on your terms.


Our qualified accounting services deliver professional and personal attention maximising your financial clarity and growth. We support and service all aspects of accounting from bookkeeping to corporate and all in between. A great advantage our team provides is that our holistic approach means your accounting support and strategy will play a role in your overall financial vision. often fast tracking your success.

Financial Advice

Our financial advice elevates your clarity and confidence through our experience and insight. Led by qualified North Sydney advisors, we craft tailored strategies, and actionable next step plans personalised around your priorities. Whether you seek to strengthen your general financial position, invest for your future, or plan for your dream retirement or lifestyle, we learn what’s important to you and then we help you achieve it.


Our investment advice guides you towards financial success on your terms. We provide comprehensive guidance – from tailored portfolio building aligning risk to your comfort to dynamic wealth management strategies designed to maximise returns for bold visions of independence and success. Our insight and strategy always positions your priorities first, which is exactly why our success in what we do is yours to benefit.

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