We are Applied Wealth

As a boutique financial and investment advisory firm based in North Sydney, we deliver a professional service through tailored and refined advice and planning. When crafting comprehensive plans for investing, wealth growth, cash flow management and financial confidence, we place your priorities first and foremost.

At Applied Wealth, first we discover your priorities then we help make them your reality.

Our mission is to guide professionals, individuals and families toward their financial independence through insight and integrity.

Meet our team

Luke Ranson


Luke is dedicated to helping his clients achieve financial success by aligning their financial choices with their goals and values. The outcome is they have more time for the things that matter most. Prior to establishing Applied Wealth, Luke held senior advisory roles at ANZ Bank and Westpac Group. Luke also served as a board member at Integral Private Wealth between 2017 and 2020 with a focus on client advocacy.

Finn Nguyen


Finn has nearly 20 years of experience providing accounting, tax compliance, and advisory services for over 1,800 SMSF clients. Prior to founding Applied Wealth Accounting, Finn held several senior roles at highly regarded boutique firms throughout Melbourne.


Sophisticated culture, highest standards

Applied Wealth delivers guidance beyond expectations through our expertise and compassion. Our privately owned firm and team of specialists offer a personalised and intimate insight into your financial potenital before providing clear strategies. We then develop holistic roadmaps for your confidence gained from always placing your priorities first.

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